Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree/Sasso


In most windows I saw people working and children playing. When the soldiers came, people began covering their windows, so I couldn't see inside anymore. But the tiny attic window of the narrow brick house behind Otto Frank's business offices had no shade. For a long time the rooms were empty. Then one day, Otto's whole family came to live there. They called their new home the Secret Annex...


A story of Anne Frank, who loved a tree and the tree who promised never to forget her.


This book is co-published with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, chosen by the Anne Frank Center as the first U.S. recipient of a sapling from the tree outside of the Secret Annex window (the tree is the narrator in the book).

Illustrated by Erika Steiskal and authored by our own Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.

Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree/Sasso
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