Modern Shabbat Candlesticks by Arie Ofir

Modern Shabbat Candlestick holder using metals.

6.5" x 5.5"

Designed by Arie Ofir

Professor Arie Ofir was born in Israel in 1939. He graduated from the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem 1964 and continued studying with the renowned silversmith D.H.Gumble. And then he studied two more years at "George Jensen" in Copenhagen, with a scholarship from the Danish ministry of education. In 1968 Ofir opened his studio in Jerusalem and in 1972 became head of the Gold- and Silver smiting Department at the Bezalel Academy for art and Design in Jerusalem. He headed the department for twelve years and was appointed full Professor of Fine Art in 1982.

Ofir's works of art have been displayed in many well known museums, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Jewish Museums in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Amsterdam, Frankfurt,

The 20th century museum in Vienna and the Museums of Modern Art in Tokyo and Kyoto. In 1992 Arie Ofir was awarded by the Israel Museum the Jesselson Prize for Contemporary Judaica Design for his life work of creating innovative objects using unusual materials, daring and complex shapes and colors; for breaking new ground and conquering new territories in the world of Jewish art." (Quoting from the Prize testimony) In recent years Ofir has also designed sculptural lighting elements and environmental construction projects, integrating fine art with design to provide functional and esthetic products.

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