Shalom Candlesticks by Lynn Rea Lowe

Hebrew is read right to left. For this piece of ritual art the letters are arranged top to bottom to represent SHALOM, the traditional greeting and farewell salutation as well as the word for Peace. It is also half of the Friday Shabbos blessing when, after lighting the candles, family and guests embrace one another with the joyful wish of "Shabbat Shalom." LynnRae is an award winning metal artist. Her works in bronze, steel, aluminum and copper have been sold at museums, galleries and gift shops around the world. Her highly contagious enthusiasm, creative flair and knowledge of the metal arts assisted Steve in creating the energy that became the Metal Arts Village. Recently, to great critical acclaim, LynnRae has developed a new technique to saturate aluminum panels with color that allows the metal to shine through as moving light rays. 12.5 "
Shalom Candlesticks by Lynn Rea Lowe
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